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Gotta Have Heart...

...And hearth. Even nomadism bows to the Bedouin rule,

Diyafa, hospitality, a way to be, including poetry sung

By bards, elder and young, a calling and answer from reality,

Rahim. Sephardic, being no less bardic, find this too.

Yes, sons of Isaac and Ishmael, remembering their way,

As man, not deserted in the Middle East, seeks peace.

An eliatic twist, from experience to philosophic introspection,

Then evocation, isnt only found in non-arable land. There,

The making of parables demand, cant be met by a versifier,

Rhymester, alone. The commons being everywhere, the eldest,

A commoner too, …while first among the few, would bristle

At the thought, take umbrage. For the Sun doesnt bleed him

As we bleed the Earth, the fouling of one sky doesnt follow

His wordsmithing or mirth. You see theirs is no sauntering, they,

Being itinerant, have a wanderers mind, not rambling, ambling,

No wayfaring, while meandering, nomadic. With this vestige,

Anthropologically traced, and poetically chased, as a garnish,

If youll allow, we have a taste, and can know theyve not

Sown the wind, and most certainly wont reap the whirlwind.

Challenge :) Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella; with Deen

By reality1

© 2015 reality1 (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - Let a smile be your Umbrella (challenge has been closed)

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