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I Was A Mistake
Many years ago a man and a woman got together,
Was it for love or just a one night stand,
The fun and passion started as they lay together,
The only thing missing was the love,,

Morning came and their good byes were said,
As they parted and went their separate ways,
Feeling safe and relaxed as she walked away,
Not knowing her life was about to change,

Soon she found out,
That a big mistake was made on that very night,
And that mistake was me,
A baby she didn`t really want,

Not being wanted was a hurt that would stay with me for life,
But one day a beautiful woman seen me,
And the love started that very moment,
She took me home with her and a life started,

We grew together, we learned together,
But what was most important we were a family that loved together,
I am now 72 years old and i still remember every thing she taught me,
And thats what made me who and what I am today,

So even though I was a mistake years ago,
I have grown to be a man,
Because of that beautiful woman,
Who I call MY MOM.

By MrBob

© 2015 MrBob (All rights reserved)


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