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Poems for our 58th Anniversary
Wasn't Moonlight and Roses

Wasn't the moonlight and roses that we shared,
was not what let us know how much we cared.
The rough times in life you were there with me
lending a helping hand an action made me see.

Trials and sorrows found way to my front door,
your concern touched me to my heart's core.
My dad was sick and died after we first met,
ways you helped us I never ever shall forget.

You gave my mother a home to live with us,
sharing all we had and it became her truss.
Times were hard, moonlight was unheeded
our love gave light and roses were not needed.

Now in our nice back yard a rose bush grows,
you planted it and your love for me shows.
I have many roses to look at in summer time,
reminds me our love is still in it's prime.

Norma Duncan aka Mistymaiden
Feb. 12, 2013

You Are The Best (to my husband)

You are the frosting on my cake
also the whole cake I eat too,
The sweetness of you linger on,
whenever I think of you.

You are the rainbow after the rain
also the sun shining through,
The warmness of a summer day,
freshness of morning dew.

You are the softness of a breeze
blowing upon my sweaty face,
Coolness of a welcome shower,
falling at a steady pace.

None can compare to your charm
combined with poise and grace,
Set apart you are someone special,
you have won the race.

Norma Duncan
Aug. 11, 2013
By Mistymaide

We Stand Together

The past has passed, very fast,
You and I have shared, and cared.
The present holds, as time unfolds,
Reaching forward, together in one accord.

You for me, me for you, happy we be,
Two of a kind, we find, lasting happiness.
Weathered the storms, the norms, the strange,
Came this far, we are, still in love with each other.

A lifetime of depending, and defending,
We stand as one, having fun, though it all.
Day by day, we stay, hoping, coping, in faith,
Until the day, we are called away, by our creator.

Norma Duncan aka Mistymaiden
For my husband 10/25/2013

2013 Mistymaiden (All rights reserved)

By Mistymaiden

© 2017 Mistymaiden (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - TILL DEATH OR DAYS DEPART (challenge has been closed)

This Poem is part of a Challenge: - TILL DEATH OR DAYS DEPART (challenge has been closed)

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