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I have seen the light
The first time I must admit
You shocked me, it was just too quick!
An email, an unexpected pic...
Your naked breasts exposed to wit
So perfect that I gasped...

Your smile for me so wild and free
Both sensual and vulnerable
Touch my heart for all to see
So very worth the trouble
So although my age may make me sage
I came inside your bubble

Was I disgusting you shyly asked?
You pouted when we next spoke
I did not hear, it was not fear...
My face felt hot, my ears weren't clear
MY thoughts were deep
Inside your sex
And you did not even know...

Next week it was more of the same
I liked the pose, your naked frame
Your perfect body I saw anew
And realized that I would enter too
Into your womanhood

And now you kneel in front of me
Your heart so open, body free
Your skin soft and warm and all for me
As you give your love so openly

I do not ask why this has occurred
Based on our ages it is absurd
But loving you defines my world
As stars go into light
I ask not why, or even try
For I have seen the light

By BramptonMC

© 2018 BramptonMC (All rights reserved)


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