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One Wish Granted
Entranced through castle window
arms outstretched ...
but resting on its frame
The only sound that falls to ear
from a pendulum's rhythmic swing
A gentle flame
sends ghostly shadows
that dance to silent notes
Entwined in scents from fireside
inlaid with cherry smoke
They said she would appear this night
as all the stars align
I drank their potion
said the chant
Still dispirited
counting time
The hour's close
near darkest night
a looking glass beside me
hand crafted by the little folk
ornate with sprigs of ivy
Enchanted ... yes ... they cannot lie
my wish they guarantee
Their word's been kept
since dawning time
One minute more ...
we'll see
A deafening thunder breaks the still
as lightning strikes the spires
From gentle breeze
to baleful gale
dare never
to think them liars
The ancient mirror begins to glow
as the clock counts off the trials
My heart explodes
beneath my chest
with the force of a billion smiles
' Take my hand ...
while the clock still strikes '
your voice pleads ... from inside
To my surprise
I reach within
with both arms open wide
Your loving touch
and I'm pulled through time
to your kiss
oh ... sweet embrace
A whirling swirling rainbow ride
as the tears roll down my face
' To the end of time ... I beg of you
Never leave these loving arms '
but there's one more task
you must fulfil
if you wish to win my charms '
With sprawling thud ... I hit the grass
spinning senses in a daze
A newborn sunlight
warms my face
sparkling air
helps lift the haze
Such marvels
this wondrous world
a voice sings with a smile
... ' You must catch me ' ...
rings your taunting laugh
from a glade
nearly half a mile

By Eezebard_

© 2019 Eezebard_ (All rights reserved)


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