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Your Chair
Tonight your tears, woke me
from my sleep
I tried to reach you, but your
tears were just to deep
Now I hear your whispers,
calling out to me
Silently your voice echoes,
to set you free
That's when I realized, the
end was near
Then I saw a tear on my
cheek, there in the mirror
I yelled out for you, as I
started to cry
And your echoes faded
away, saying goodbye
When I closed my eyes, my
world just went dark
Then a tear fell on your
picture, leaving a mark
Down the hall, I see the
picture of you and me
I see a smile on your face, by
the old oak tree
As I stood in the doorway, I
stopped and stared
There it was, the chair where
you would brush your hair
In my mind I heard you
singing, and saying believe
I smelled your perfume, that
you wore when you would
In the bedroom I see our
bed, where we'd kneel and
Then I realized my tears,
were washing you away
Now I hear your whispers,
calling out to me
As your voice silently
echoes, to set you free
I see your chair, where you
set and brushed your hair
I see your image in the
mirror, as I stand and stare
On the floor is your brush,
the one you dropped that
And the lights around the
mirror, are still shining bright
There's your wedding band,
on the floor where you
threw it
I see your favorite candle
you'd burn, is still lit
I see your make-up still
opened, and drying there
I see the letter I wrote you,
ripped and scattered
And there's your wine glass,
the one that we'd share
Shattered in little pieces, on
the floor beside your chair

By George_Martin

© 2015 George_Martin (All rights reserved)


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