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Words to Live By
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Define yourself the way you do,
The life you live will tell you so,
You need not yell nor shout uphill
The life you live will surely tell.

Compete with yourself, your greatest enemy;
Control your thoughts; otherwise, they lead you astray;
You can be a victim, a villain or a winner;
It would always depend on what you keep in there.

Life has its trying times; we can only emerge victorious,
If we can see ourselves through the light of self rumination,
Not to become vain and boastful by comparing
But to humbly see ourselves as human beings.

God worked on us in a most special way,
He gave us strengths to conquer our fears
He gave us weaknesses for us feel the need of Him,
Not to live simply through the gust of whims.

Respect your fellows, see them through the eyes of compassion;
Your fortune is good for you, what a better world if you share;
You are not here to be their judge nor they are here to judge you;
Whatever perceptions you may have formed within your own capacity to perceive,
Let respect prevail and let God do His will.

By leahgina

© 2015 leahgina (All rights reserved)


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