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How can I continue
When the end's already here?
Nevermore new horizons
Beginnings, a distant dream
My world remains in upheaval
Everything I thought I knew
Collapses without a sound
Too much hurt for far too long
Never knowing
Always wondering
An abyss of questions
That no light shall ever reach
If only this melancholy state
Would untangle my gut
And clear my head
I fear I'll never understand
Far worse! Never be allowed the chance
For what you said I'd have
I know my plight
I've struggled since birth
Hard-wiring I'm told
A disease as despairing as cancer
That only lasts a life time
I long to tell you where I've been
A dire urge to show you
What will never happen again
I fear this will last a lifetime
The world shouldn't be fair
But when it comes to someone
Who's doing everything
A heart should be measured against the past
A desire, a longing should be quenched
Very least fire a shot
Like a horse that has gone gimp
She could mercifully grant me
The sweet release
Of love's death

By adaptation

© 2015 adaptation (All rights reserved)


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