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The True Path Is Narrow,...

The True Path Is Narrow, Grace Can Not Be Sought, It Seeks Us

No one has to be born again, it's a choice, at 15, for me it was
Choosing wholeheartedly, to walk his way as best as I could.
Jesus bequeathed co-creating reality beyond we belong to
Life and are not life's belongings, we're not a treasure to
Keep, are gems in heavens keep, betwixt Earth below,
Sky above, One Love, if not believing, one becomes
That every moment evolving experiential knowledge,
For our temple's what we have seen, said, thought,
Heard, ate, done, felt, all drinking agua, knowing,
Where we sacrificed false-ego at Thee's altar,
Where we disavowed self-possession where
Your Spirit's hand feels, heart's eye sees,
Soul's ear hears, life's knowledge's body
Knows, we can be living prayer, being
Forever answered. Our light adding
To the well of light, our every step
In grace, we'd leave no footprint
That would echo in all ways,
And always.
Challenge :) Why must you be born
again and what does it mean; with Al

By reality1

© 2018 reality1 (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - WHY MUST YOU BE BORN AGAIN, AND WHAT DOES IT MEAN (challenge has been closed)

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