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Craving Inspiration
Water drifting ashore
upon naked toes
Pant legs rolled above the knee
searching endless shoreline

Scanning sunrise
for signs of muse

Craving a little inspiration

Gull abound
invading thought
taunting lack of light
devoted bards
never rest
till inspiration corners them

Timothy at hand
garners mindís eye
Sweet grass
replaces taste of chewing gum


Daybreak shares a gentle hand
its feathered touch
enlightens man

Nature's pearls
enhance the morn
as Sunlight heals a mood forlorn

Gentle breeze
on whiskered face
melds with seaside interlace

Seabird songs
lift line of sight

Thought drifts out to sea

While thirsty skyline
mellows mind
and drips its quill on me

By Eezebard_

© 2015 Eezebard_ (All rights reserved)


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