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Never Give Up On Yourself

But my Mom and Dad taught us when I was very young
If you want to accomplish something in life, don't give me no tongue
And they also said don't be a quitter, just try, try, try again with all your might
If something is worth doing, and you try your best, do it right.

My kids use to tell me all the time, that's not fair!
Till I thought I would pull out my hair.
And I would reply, who ever said life was fair?
I would tell them go tell someone, that would care.

Then one day, my middle kid, said Mom I realize
That what you said way back when wasn't lies
I told her no one ever said it would be a bed of roses
I know, You were teaching us one of life's little courses

My oldest child, she and her friend skipped school one day
And boy did that teacher sure make the two pay
Then my son was forever having to write 500 word essays
So he wasn't really liking it back in his schooldays

I tried real hard to raise them up the best I could
I told them never give up, just do the best for yourself
And to always be polite and respect your elders
And maybe they would grownup to be nice teenagers

But the three of them has blessed me since, in so many ways
And with all eight grand kids, at times have kept me in a daze
And now they're kids have blessed me even more
With eight great grand kids, with all the birthdays that keep me poor

Been through two marriages, on my third, seven year come September
And I praise the Lord, I wasn't a quitter, because I love my life as a senior
My parents did their duty, and indeed to me; they were the best
My had sister and myself, I could never complain, so I think we were blessed.

The picture is My children and Myself back 1968

By BlueeyedBandit

© 2018 BlueeyedBandit (All rights reserved)


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