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Beautiful You
You made my day
when I glanced at you, girl
Your contagious smiles
radiates a ray of sunshine everywhere.
I couldn't take my eyes off you,
Girl why is it so?
Have I met you in my dreams before?
My feelings is strong
I could never be wrong.
When I saw you,
walking on the shore
looking at the far end
to watch the sunset view;
Right then I knew
my summer will glow
because I met you girl
and my heart felt something new.
To watch you more each day
frolicking at the shores
Enjoying like a kid
that you never were before,
I can't help but sigh
and long to hug you tight
so I could whisper gently
that 'everything's gonna be alright'.
How I wished you could stay
not just on summer days
How I wished time would stand still
'til I let you know how I feel.
I knew I will love you, girl
from the moment I first saw you
for so many reasons and for every season
I will be there for you.
I will always admire
the simplicity in you
and I will always fall in love
with the beautiful you--

3-10-2015 / 12:00nn

By silentheart

© 2015 silentheart (All rights reserved)


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