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Shadow of Death

The once beautiful world
was enveloped with fears
The once colorful days
was filled with sorrow's tears.

Your radiant smiles have
faded along the way;
Traces of discomfort
we witnessed each passing day.

Many times we panicked
for we thought we will lose you
but to God we whispered softly
that we are not ready to let you go.

Breathtaking instances
that kept the nurses running to and fro
Don't know what to do,
as doctors come and go.

It was a hard battle
and you fought so very well
an undeniable proof
that you are God's good soldier.

With hope you never gave up
and to faith we held on too
that's why you survived
that greatest ordeal of you.

Thank God for bringing you out
from the shadow of death,
You've gained another life
because of ardent love and faith.

To God be the glory
and we offered it all to Him
What God has given us
God alone could claim.

3/13/15 - 9:05pm

~ inspired by the thoughts of how brave my aunt Ester fought the hardest battle of her life...and we are all thankful to God she made it! ~

By silentheart

© 2015 silentheart (All rights reserved)


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