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Not Him Anymore.
In Feb last it was 8 years since my second stroke, the person I once was has gone away; can't run anymore, stairs

are scary, forget going out in a snow storm, very difficult to drive, working for a living long gone, confidence at an all time

low about anything to accomplish, people don't even respect my position on matters family or neighbors, the falling and

braking my right hip Dec 24th 2006 made recovery from my stroke like pouring acid on my condition, yet, through it all I

remain a truth seeker, still love and admire the music of Black Sabbath, baseball of course Atlanta Braves until death do

us part, have made some good friends on Facebook amazed at the young people and their depth of awareness in and

of this vile and evil Matrix of deception and control the common man deals with 24/7, seems I ask myself everyday 'why

I'm I still here'? most strokes are fatal, yet, here I remain my best answer is 'you are a watcher' 'you will be a witness

to a paradigm change for good'. In the meantime I morn the reality of I'm ................

Not Him Anymore.

By Truenobleman

© 2015 Truenobleman (All rights reserved)


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