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Civil War's... First line below is title

Civil War's First Engagement, Anti-Zero Tolerance, Notsees Are Winning

On this 50 th Anniversary of the Bloody Sunday Selma March,
And the great sacrifices so many made that day, and everyday after,
Struggling for civil rights, etc., for all, let's give thanx to them,
Recommitting to do even more everyday until abuse, discrimination
To genocide against any life, including Earth-murder, is abolished.
I'm a grey panther for the elderly, pink panther for the LGBTQ
Community, black panther, red panther for Native Americans, fuchsia
Panther, bisque panther, mauve, teak, teal, blue panther for smurfs.
But, seriously folks, I'm every panther, it's only me, whatever Earth
Needs done, '...we(e)...', do it naturally. So, let's stop this countries
Backsliding into a Baskin and Robbins of 21 flavors of supremacy,
Equality of notseeism is no equality at all. As we struggle with the
Traditional supremacies, white first, male, rich, supposed Christian,
Academic, heterosexual, etc., '...we(e)..', must also struggle with all
The others, so, this country fulfills it's promise, and not a fews
Dream of 'Empire', where they make believe, they are against
Unending war, and it only happens, they're for women's reproductive
Rights and lower-middle-class to poor women only lose them,
For voting rights for all, and lower-middle-class to poor only continue
To lose them, etc., while their leaders cozy up to the white supremacy
For progress for theirs. Don't be fooled by the mercenaries for more.
Ebony and Ivory supremacies, working together in perfect harmony,
Have struck their covert war's strongest blow so far, no one's standing
Up for zero tolerance, like no one stood up to the African-American
Supremacies conspiring with the white supremacy to voucherize,
Charterize, corporatize schools, so supposed Christian al-queda
And taliban kids could go straight to getting the better jobs, money,
Careers, power, 25 years ago, to this day. Now, that successful
Covert war tactic, turned overt a decade ago, and the Teacher's
Union's finding itself existentially challenged across the board by it,
Have taken their toll on the Public Education system, we find
The results I reported would take place back then, a pre-Plessey
Vs. Ferguson, separate and not equal series of education systems,
Where public education money and corporate donations go to
The special schools for special supposed Christian kids, and public
Education schools get less and less, becoming more and more
Like warehousing. Where's the shouts, anti-zero tolerance isn't kid
First, like they purport to be, it's criminal and rapist first? '...W(e),...',
Know why there aren't any, because the Ebony, Ivory supremacies,
And others too, the minorities, as most aren't supremacists, working
Together in perfect harmony, have re-invented the conspiracy of
Silence for the corporate structures convolution + its enforcer, the
White supremacy (+ it's muscle, the African-American supremacy),
Successfully re-hoisting it on society, now, under the name of
The civil wrongs movement's supposed political correctness
Campaigns, 'cause it'll be better for their minorities, white, African-
American supremacist conspirators, they'll get more genocide
Of their mutual largest competition, non-republican Caucasian
Males, done before it's considered crime. Indiana's Governor
Pence, just signed a bill giving special rights to the religious, is
Your State next? Being terrorized in Grammar School, victimized
By the institution for saying awhh when hit in the back of the head,
Sent to the Principal's office many times, it's a happy incident that
I lived to graduate. Stand up for kids now, before you lose
The undeclared civil war, before it even starts. reality

Challenge :) An Incident In Your Life; with Deen

By reality1

© 2018 reality1 (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - An incident in your life (challenge has been closed)

This Poem is part of a Challenge: - An incident in your life (challenge has been closed)

This Poem is part of a Challenge: - An incident in your life (challenge has been closed)

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