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Mothers Tears
A mother in tears, looks to
the sky
With so many memories, she
had to ask why
As a tear rolled off her
cheek, she cries God are you
up there
Can you take away my pain,
are you really everywhere
Today you took my son, I
thought I had been blessed
I raised him from a baby,
here upon my breast
I need to know why, you
think you need him by your
It tore my heart apart,
watching him covered by the
God I've always talked to
you, never asking you for
So could you please tell me
why, you took him from my
As I sit here in tears I have to
ask, are you truly up there
For I can't believe that your
love, is for only few to share
Oh Lord It's unbearable,
seeing my grandchildren cry
Their to young to
understand, why Daddy had
to die
I know before he went, he
said Mother It'll be alright
He was my brave son, even
with the pain he had to fight
So my Lord; if there truly is a
heaven, please send me
down a sign
For when we buried him
today, I nearly lost my mind
The Father told me it was a
desease, that it wasn't up to
But It's so hard for me to
believe, that this is what is
The hardest thing for a
Mother, is to watch her son in
And when the cancer took
his mind, my tears fell like
Maybe one day I as a Mother,
will come to understand
And maybe all my questions,
will be answered by your
But today as I sit alone, I
plead to you to hear
Lord send me down a sign,
and help me stop these tears

By George_Martin

© 2015 George_Martin (All rights reserved)


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