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Can We Do Better?
I've been offered a challenge by a kind and caring friend of mine.
A challenge I believe to be offered in kindness, so that it will help me grow.
Whenever we care about something, we desire it to continue for a very long time.
I've been challenged to offer what is wrong or could improve, on things I love so.

Certainly no task of ease, an uneducated me to criticize such great minds of study;
those who are teaching religion, spirituality, worldview to name just a few.
Or shall I choose philosophy, cosmology, psychology, science or art, what shall it be?
Religion teaches commitment and devotion, worldview speaks mainly of the lives it slew.

Spirituality thrives in religion, it is often used as a means of measure.
The higher one's standing within the church, the more spiritual they must be.
Members demonstrating spirituality are known by peers, as a worthy mentor.
Yet motivation determines and eventually shows, the value of a mentor's decree.

I donít believe the challenger meant it to be difficult to do, choose one we study most.
Yet for me that is where the difficulty begins, for as I stated Iím an uneducated man.
To decide which area I should choose makes it difficult to fulfill the request of our host.
Still I will do my best his request to fulfill; I will choose an area and offer what I can.

Philosophy of cosmology pertaining to the psychology of a world view.
Of science and art, religion and spirituality, what's wrong needing improvement?
It may appear I've cheated, choosing them all as one, that I study all the most is true.
For truly studying none is the case, so to state what is wrong, my ignorance is abundant.

As stated by Albert Einstein, 'Imagination is Everything', to him it was all so clear.
Brilliantly he knew 'It's the preview of life's coming attractions', so imagination is the key.
Traveling through life, with it's winding roads and closing doors, hope often disappears.
So to imagine life corrected and improvements made, will help on your quest to be free.

For myself I choose hope, imagining what the future will be, in a life full of peace.
I see life eternal close to my God, a contented soul with a heart full of love.
With undeserved kindness from Christ my Lord, where blessings bestowed never cease.
Through the promise of grace that has freely been given, from the One True God above!

By jvaughan

© 2018 jvaughan (All rights reserved)


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