Get Rid Of The Advertisements

Think it Through


He has stripped our military
opened our borders
Nothing revolves around his none orders
A stick president; who is pulling
his strings?
Perhaps Allah, among other things

We are at war with the Muslims
and we made one president
Are we flat stupid?
Is their something we resent?

The be-headings went uncaring
not a critical word
He is angry with Christians
or haven't you heard?

You think he's a Christian?
Well, where have you been?
Do you deny your freedom?
You had better think again!

Only your voices will remove
this blight...
His goal is our destruction
Are you sleeping well at night?

They are coming for your amendments
Your rights are in peril
Speak while you can,
Or hide like a squirrel

Be silent if you are afraid
or stand up with your voice
Our destruction is coming...
Is that your choice?

Wake up America!!

Don't shoot me
I'm just the messenger...

By bubby

© 2015 bubby (All rights reserved)


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