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Two People In Love


Two people together alone for a while,
Their mood is set with candles light and wine.
They want to explore, as love fills the air,
Feelings of romance that is what they care.

Quietly spoken are words of love.
Those come directly from the heart,
They tease each other while they plan the night
So the road they take is just right.

As they stare into each others eyes,
They read the thoughts that go through their minds.
Their bodies start to touch as they hug and kiss,
This is just the beginning, a night full of bliss.

Their hearts pounding and race with excitement,
For what is about to happen and lasts the entire night,
Their hands wander as they play romantic games,
Sharing feelings and emotions that they`ll never forget.

The love they share is stronger than life,
Strong emotions and feelings so right.
As they lay together embraced without fear,
Just feeling the love that is very dear;

The outside world means so little right now,
Since the two of them take this loving path.
Their dreams and feelings that so much craved,
And loving each other is to them a life fulfilled.

By MrBob

© 2015 MrBob (All rights reserved)


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