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Parting Words

Every night before we fall asleep
We always say I Love You along with a kiss
Then the day we had runs through our minds
As we drift off to sleep
And when the day comes that i don`t wake up
I just want you to know
You were the beat of my heart and the love of my life
As only you made up my entire world
The things we did, the places we went
And the thoughts we shared together
Were all done because we lived as one
Two people together as close as we were
Is what made our lives a perfect match
We had our ups and downs as people in love do
But because of the love we shared,
We seen every thing through
And there was nothing we couldn`t do
I had you at my side for so many wonderful years
But now I have to let you go
We learned from each other the strength of true love
To help in case one of us had to leave
Now the time is here for you to test that strength
As I have to leave you alone
But I will always stay in your heart, so we will never really be apart
Because our love is stronger then life itself
One more thing I have to say
Just to you on this painfull day
For all those happy years we shared our love
I was so very proud to have you as my wife

Good By My Love
I`ll always love you
As always
Your Loving Husband

By MrBob

© 2015 MrBob (All rights reserved)


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