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The ocean roared like my thoughts
Normally this was my haven,
Where I could find peace
Where could I silence this craving.

This craving for silence and calm
I had done nothing , nothing at all,
Yet I was being ostracized for what?
Because she was out having a ball.

A wall of hypocrisy from her family
They knew the truth and yet they turned on me,
So now I'm out on my own just like they wanted
I mean what did they expect me to do set her free.

After all the devotion I had given her over the years
Gave her money for holidays, presents the lot,
And then she repays me by sleeping in our bed
With some other bastard never knowing what he had got.

I mean he might have had aids or some other disease
He's lying in the hospital he'll be on crutches for months,
She has the protection of her family but Ill get her one day
The bastards have ruined my life but I'll still come up trumps.

You remember this place darling don't you?
We used to sit on the beach here when we first met,
Of course I remember how could I forget
That was long ago said Eileen we made love and got all wet.

Fancy a trip down memory lane said Pete, only if you want
Let's throw a few pebbles after all it's only a lark,
It's only a trip down memory lane we can have a giggle
Yeah alright said Eileen bloody hell it's a bit dark.

The ocean was calm like my thoughts
My clothes were wringing wet,
I had found peace of mind
My craving was now satisfied you can bet.

I lit a cigarette up and waited on the quay
I soon saw a blue light flashing my way,
I just told them she went for a midnight swim
What the hell did you expect me to say?

By listener

© 2015 listener (All rights reserved)


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