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A Time To Remember
It seems like only yesterday
that you were born from me.
Only yesterday, your life lay
before you, and good
and bad things in your life
were still yet to be.

As I remember you
Your laughter
that always made me and
others smile.....
Your touch your loving embrace
The beautiful look on your face
The way you looked walking toward me
The way you looked walking away
Your voice so joyful always filled with hope
The way you loved people with your
whole heart......It is still hard for me
to believe how long we've been apart.

Happy Birthday Sonya.....
I want you to know, I look forward
to seeing your out reached arms, again,
When I reach the end of my road.
-Jan Tetstone

12:18pm April 29, 2015

By Heartsong

© 2018 Heartsong (All rights reserved)


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