The Wonderful Woman I Called 'Mom'
I would like to tell you about the wonderful woman I called MOM. I share these moments of my writing with you because I feel close enough to you to do so and because I want the world to know what a special Mom I had. Oh sure I didn't have a picture perfect life, but what I did have was good, and loving. and wholesome. For nine years I was an only child. But in those 9 years mom didn't stop trying to have babies. It just wasn't in God's plan at the time I guess. In my later years I was told that Mama lost many babies. I had a brother who lived 3 days, but he died shortly after. In between the lost pregnancies mom underwent by far more surgical procedures for many various issues than any one human being should ever have to encounter. 32 in all of the 75 years she was one with this earth.Yet through it all she held steadfast to her insurmountable faith making her one very courageous woman.There are times like right now at this moment when I wish that we could bake cookies again or go to the store and try on silly hats. Or even go back to that ol five and ten where we used to eat at the lunch counter (always the same thing too) a chocolate coke and grilled cheese sandwich. But the thing I think I miss the most is when we would sing 'YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE' Oh I know we were off key many times, but at that moment we sang we were a perfect duet of mother and daughter. Mom was allowed 2 more pregnancies of the 9 already losses. And although she was confined to bed for both in her 6th month of pregnancy she delivered each of my siblings without complications. Another girl and a boy. Thus I had a sister and a baby brother. Life doesn't always go as planned and we never know when a major problem will arise. Moms major problem came at age 73 when she was forced to have a partial leg amputation. I watched her go down hill after that surgery and the only comfort she found was holding her rosary beads praying for death to take her. She loved us all so much but she was miserable. And on May 24th 1999 God heeded her call and he took her home. Tears fill my eyes as I close the lines of this story. But I assure you there are so many memories that for years I will talk about and share of the wonderful woman I called 'MOM'

Marie Victoria DeJohn Stralko 4/10/ 1924 til 5/24/1999

No Frills Challenge

By JacieStralkoDuca

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