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Jesus Has Seen Me Through
My life,My life has been filled with many journeys,and I have many testimonies,
but my greatest testimony,through all my journeys and many trials is that; Jesus has seen me through.

Through the many changes and stages in my life, the ups and downs of my life.
I know that I made it only because,Jesus has seen me through.

I've been in the mission field for my Savior a long time,where ever I was led by the Holy Spirit
to go,that's where I went,sometimes I wondered why me,then Jesus said to me;why not you,
remember, I am seeing you through.

And now as I reflect back just a bit,I can't travel as much as I used to,but
if I could just leave you with an encouraging word,whatever the tests,whatever the trial,
whatever mission you're assigned to do,know that Jesus is with you and He is seeing you through.

And I, Reverend Jim Perry,I'm still here,because Jesus, is still seeing me through.

In Honor Of Reverend Jim Perry
PineHills Community Church


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