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As for who Raymond Cook is, well, I’m a 62 year old disabled veteran. In 1972, at the age of 18, I enlisted in the marine Corp. My plan was to retire. But life has a way of changing our destiny. In 1974 on my way back to my base a drunk driver hit me head-on going 80 and my life was forever changed. Those were my darkest days but eventually in 1983 I enrolled in college and took a creative writing class as an elective. At that point I had no interest at all in becoming a writer or author. In truth, how many people have taken a writing course in high school or college and believed one day they would write a book?

Little did I realize what a ‘profound Impact’ that class and my instructor, Mr. Art Wicks would have on my future. Between 1983 and 2010 I wrote my poetry and short stories but refused to believe that one day I could set down and pen thousands of words and put a title to what would one day be considered a book. In 2003, I wrote a 5 page western romance story I simply called, “A Western Romance Story!” It was only meant to be a short story. Each year though I would add a few pages to the story because I liked the story plot and characters. In 2011 while wanting to add 10 more pages to what was now a 50 page story, ‘something happened’ and it became my first novel called, “Was It Fate Or Destiny?”

This eBook is FREE to any Starlight reader if they request a copy, no strings attached.

An author’s goal is to not just ‘Entertain a reader’ but to try to touch the reader’s emotions too. After all, that’s the entire purpose of reading a book, to enjoy what you’ve read.

~~Random stuff about me~~

I grew up in Shelton, Washington, a small logging town.
My family lived on an Indian reservation for several years.

I have a grown daughter, 31 and a grown son, 27.
I presently live in California and love the blue sky.
I’m a life member of the DAV having served in the Marines. (1972-74).
I love deer hunting and fishing but don’t do either right now.
My best friend’s grandchildren treat me as a long lost uncle. (Big Smiles)
I like going to rodeos, county fairs, garage sales, swap meets and farmers markets.
I like helping others if I can and have a strong ‘volunteer’ spirit within me.
I love all types of music but couldn’t carry a tune if someone handed me a bucket. I like to garden and am health minded.
I love horses, dogs and cats.
I am disabled since 1983, (Back injury, memory loss and hearing loss).

Favorite Movies:

True Grit, Silverado, The Magnificent Seven, Unforgiven and Pale Rider

Favorite Bucket List Thing I’d Like To Do: Go shark fishing off of Monterey Bay, California

Since writing my first western frontier eBook in 2011, I’ve written 21 more western frontier eBooks totaling 5,100 pages. If someone had told me in 2011 I would have written this many books, I wouldn’t have believed them.

I hope what I share here be it poetry or short stories is enjoyed by someone now and then.

I will be writing my next book in October. In the meantime, I am laboring page by page fixing the grammar in my books so they hopefully will be more enjoyable to read.

I have a very vindictive ex-wife and because of that I lead a very private life so I cannot accept new friendship requests. For that I apologize.

Sadly, I just learned that my writing professor from 1983 passed away in 2013. I didn't see the urgency to contact someone out of state and let him see how many books I had written from his being my mentor. I regret that indecision now.

~~My advice to anyone who wants to write a book but thinks they can’t, stop saying, “I can’t” and take a ‘creative writing course’ in a college near you like I did back in 1983.~~

By RaymondCook

© 2015 RaymondCook (All rights reserved)


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