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(((Quick As Can Be)))

I am ready for a Vacation, taking my two oldest son's Eric & Stan
Here we go, just as happy as a Clam
I guess my youngest son Dennis got going on his own Band
Now we have arrived at Newport Beach. We are walking on the Land.

Oh WOW that feels just Grand,
Hey boys come look at the two Starfish on the Sand,
The waves are so beautiful like I haven't seen Before,
I get close to the water, & I get close to the Shore

So as (((Quick As Can Be))), I take a Dive
And what do I see? Baby Crabs that are Alive
In the weeds next to a Bee Hive
And that's no Jive

WOW, I worked up an Appetite
Hey boys are you ready to go grab a Bite?
So as (((Quick As Can Be))) We go wash our Feet
And we go Eat HA! HA! HA!

Boy the week went by so Fast
Gee that didn't Last
Well atleast we got to explore all the Factories & all the Shops
My favorite of all of them besides the Beach was the great big huge Lollipops

Time to go back home we sure had lots of Fun
Go & lay out under the Sun

The End
This poem was inspired by True Events.


By Susie Brown

By Susie Brown

© 2015 Susie Brown (All rights reserved)


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