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Looking Back

Staring at beauty when all beauty is now only a sweet reminder of the past,
Your name carved immortal another of nights shadows of love once cast,
Now two parallels one yearning to escape, back to that time we once knew,
Inhaling what is left of a dream in a gaze full of longing of the past accrued.

As the ink bleeds across the pages for my words may one day be forgotten,
Where sentences born from the heartbeats where Love from dreams blossom,
On the canvas of my heart teetering on inward in the symphony of the night,
Love is transitory but is eternal, illuminating stars constellating by the moonlight.

For my first taste of real love was your lips, now the reminiscence of the past,
Yet here still tearing at the seams of night, paled under the moonlight cast,
For I shall never forget those days, when your Love was something to believe in,
Here in the longing of looking back on a past that can never live in the light again.

Posted thestarlitecafe 06.15.2015 9:11 AM

By nitehawk

© 2015 nitehawk (All rights reserved)


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