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Star Struck

I embrace her whispers breathing slowly counting the stars before they bleed into dawn,
The star-wounded skies beseech like a whisper through the ages what once was spawned,
Euphoria of written words gathering my muse among the shadows in a sleeve of clarity,
Reminiscence of the past that blankets yet without thy warmth in this state of insularity.

Deep beneath this canvas dressed in dancing lights the intonation of your voice heard,
Here across the distance as I search amongst the stars before the sunrise gown stirred,
Under the breast of shadows reach, where memories fall I still remember the love shared,
Onto the wide solstice sky as here over the still silhouettes the whispers penetrate the air.

Fragments mirrored, captivation arose in these refractions of time once found sublime,
An empty shell survives casting empty shadows settling pensively within this clime,
All is left is the Love that still remains in this heart, for here it is now a world apart,
Under these glowing firelight hues of the stars remind me that you still live in my heart.

Posted thestarlitecafe 06.19.2015 7:14 PM

By nitehawk

© 2015 nitehawk (All rights reserved)


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