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How I Feel?
It is so amazing that after all these years have passed
I still have no full concept of me, the inside or the outside
My journey just seems to be rolling along the sea of life too fast
Where I lay stripped away of my former self which has died
The life I once lived was full of funny, frolicking, fantastic friends
Who stood by my side and held the dry, withered hand of fate
Helped me through the life's turbulent seas and torturous winds
Where have they gone and will they return seems to be asked too late
But I am determined to reach at least 75% of the positive me I lost
The refreshing, revitalizing, renewed liquid spirit of youth placed in a bowl
To be slurped slowly, savored and digested no matter the cost
All to regain the electrifying, enlightening power of my previous soul
I have done all I could in my life to please others and forsaken me
Always taking persons wants and put them long before my own
But no more will that happen as I intend to recover my life let it not be
I will stand empowered shaking the chains of confinement off my hands
And the thickly weighted scales that cover my precious bronze skin
My new refound love for life will help reverse the hours of time's sands
So whether you like the new and improved beta version of me, I'm all in

By fyahphoenix

© 2015 fyahphoenix (All rights reserved)


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