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Stacy I Love You
When I go away, when I'm here
When I open my eyes in the morning
When I'm on the road, when I'm here
A star filled sky, or clouded over cast
You're always on my mind
Stacy the first time we kissed, I knew that one day you'd be mine

I need your trust, and you to love me
I need you to love me, like I'm something you can't lose
Stacy hold me, always be there too
Even when I'm lost, I need you
And I need you to never doubt me, 'cause I'm what It's all about
Everything comes down to, Stacy I love you

When you're alone to long, just play our song
Stacy I know you'll keep it all together for me
The way you hold me, the way you feel me
Remember I hold you in my heart
I don't know the time, it's just all on the line
You know I'll be here, Stacy have no fear

Always trust me, and always love me
Always need me, like I'm something you can't lose
Always be there, always love me
Even when we're far apart
Don't ever doubt me, for I've loved you from the start
Remember it all comes to, Stacy I love you
Stacy love me
I love you

By George_Martin

© 2015 George_Martin (All rights reserved)


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