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Splendor Road

Miles crisscrossing among unknown exotic spices mingling together
making tremendous sounds not forgotten.
Show in action, not seen by unfaithful believers, nightmares clashes till light shines through darkness of blue destiny measured with misty softness awaiting spoken answers to questions known on Splendor Road with magical elements ac curing through senses of play and imagination.

Surrounded light sparkles across midnight mystery, capturing creatures like faeries flying across exotic leaves of lavender and misty locus flowers, not seen any where only on Splendor Road by those who believe, will roam among the secrets and mystery of beauty unknown to doubters of a world created to appreciate life the way it was to be appreciated.

What you find on Splendor Road is what the world was meant for all to find, but only a few have found the answer to the questions unable to be answered by the unbelievers, when your heart is opened, you soon will become a believer, the questions will be answered without any effort what so ever.

Cross and come over to Splendor Road, you will not go back among coldness and heartless surroundings, your love has wondered on the road to happiness and harmony and miracles beyond any imagination you can imagine will happen, you have surrendered yourself to a higher power unknown to you alone, that key that opened up your heart has always been around your neck, you never become aware of it till you opened your own heart to the deep wonders of love, power of unselfish deeds and commitment to others
than yourself.

Life as you see it now is a mystery of unknown spender and will continue through majestic places of happiness and glory you
will not be able to comprehend, as you really still don't know how strong love really is, many have no love to fly high like a bird, free, happy, and peaceful.

(Find your way to Splendor Road all answers will be answered

By Derena

© 2015 Derena (All rights reserved)


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