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In dreams
There are dreams within dreams.
Doors unopened, voids full of wishes, whispers, tears.
Grief takes hold,
creeping in at the tiniest opening
ripping open the stitches healing your soul
Memories swirl in the mind,
No shelf for the soul to dwell
Only steps, tiny steps
moving past the terrible nightmares,
edging towards the light of love
Heartbreaking, knowing you will never see, touch, love them again.
The Love in the memories carries you through the darkness,
the terror that life goes on without their loving arms around you.
The treasured arms that cured any ailment,
fingers that wiped away tears,
voice softly whispering it will be ok,
There are dreams within dreams,
Speak to me there.

This poem is dedicated to my mother, Anna (Vikingbutterfly, her poet name)

By Fairiemoon73

© 2015 Fairiemoon73 (All rights reserved)


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