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A mothers touch

A Mother's Touch

A special warmth lives in my heart
When thinking back, when I was small,
A sweet perfume lingers through the air,
My mother's skin, so smooth and fair.

I remember the porch
With the old weathered swing,
How she'd pick me up and read me a book.
Tightly in her arms, I felt so safe
As I looked upon her angelic face.

Her hands were soft as she touched my brow,
Her voice seem to echo
As she read me the story.
She read with dire concentration.
Each page spoken out, filled with celebration.

I cherish those distant days
Wanting to replay those fond memories.
Perhaps I could make them continue
With dreams as I look out my window.

A mothers love and touch
Is for now and forever,
Sealed with unconditional love;
Brought exclusively from above.

~written by Janet Ford~
October 2001

By girlsisy

© 2015 girlsisy (All rights reserved)


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