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i wonder

I sit here and wonder as I look outside my window,
As the darkness turns to light.
In Heavenly places the day never starts
And there's never any night.

I wonder how many precious souls will be won this day
That God has blessed us once again to see.
I wonder what its like to see the angels rejoicing,
When that child's name is placed in the book of life.
The child that was bound is now set free.

I wonder as I look to the heavens,
The hearts that will finally surrender.
The sick that are recovering,
And the broken-hearted, that are being mended.
I wonder at the goodness of the Lord Who never sleeps,
But keeps a watchful eye on His children.
From the beginning and till our journey ends.

Above the heavens Spiritual work is being done.
Prayers being answered, and our foundation He is building.
I wonder and I dream of a beautiful world to come.
Where all my tribulations will finally be laid to rest.

I wonder at the fullness of God Himself.
Amazed and humbled I become,
As I wonder how I ever deserve
What His only begotten Son has done!

Written by Janet Ford

By girlsisy

© 2015 girlsisy (All rights reserved)


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