simply human...
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after all...

there is not a trace
of hatred in my bones

yet, if i do:
i loathe those
who can not
walk the talk

i abhor plastic faced phantoms
who are following
my shadow in every turn
in times of plenty

i express extreme enmity
to those who have split tongues
deceivers, tribe of snakes
pledging loyalty
for better or worse
but when time gets rough
they change colors
quicker than chameleons

i detest those
who show
immediate remorse
ever ready for an apology
after assassinating my character

i have intense aversion
to those prejudice
bigot trashes and many more
and i deviate enumerating 'em all
guess, i'll just take everything
big and small, routine and not so
with grain of salt
to be rational and forgiving
to prove i am only human

a new journey begins
and life nikes on


Just For The Love Of It PHRASE Challenge
'a new journey begins'
Moderated by Ms M

By XRifles

© 2015 XRifles (All rights reserved)


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