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Time and Space


Into the void slipped an ironic thought
filling space set aside and reserved.
Can this idea be nurtured for naught
or given the dodge, never quite served?

The mind can be clogged, held up for ransom
by these fleeting time robbers, sumarrily interred.
Consternation personified enlists, never quite numb,
cinching down when the written word is heard .

Clarity and purity of thought we all seek
to enhance our false sense of well being.
Interloping images idle, to simmer and reek,
changing the colors of all we are seeing.

Efforts to stonewall these unwanted posers
often lead to equilibrium that's a-tilt.
They've barely slipped though unsteady closures
to deposit these landscapes of guilt.

Now comes the unwanted moment of truth,
to confront or move to ignore?
With staying power, they've branded the proof,
they're encamped for psychological war.

Those all around you can't see this battlefield,
nor hear the explosions that drive you off course.
Time and space, a demand that you yield,
deliver gleaming success or crashing remorse.

Submitted for the All Stars challenge hosted by Myrna

'when the written word is heard '

By AlwaysMyWords

© 2015 AlwaysMyWords (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - All Stars Challenge with kajuncutie/Myrna D. (Myrna) -read page for rules, info, and REQUIRED PHRASE (challenge has been closed)

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