There seems to be a hush, a quiet that filters through the smoke.
And in this haze she cast a gaze. that wraps me as a cloak.
Deep dark eyes are canyon's trails, they bid me wander in.
Come hither stare neath raven hair. promised no chagrin.

Raise her glass up to her lips, then slowly close her eyes.
She lifts her head, I'm standing close, in that there's no surprise.
Her lips are moist and rare steak red, with a grin now on her face.
I smile sly and say dear why, we've shared this stange embrace.

Bewilderment now cross her face, dark eyes open wide.
Why sir what ever do you mean, in what embrace confide.
That rave hair flows gently down, drapes across her breast.
I answer softly in her ear, it's our eyes that do attest.

At that she laughs a sexy laugh, and toss her hair aside.
A look is just a look she says, you should take such things in stride.
An apology I do extend, it would seem I act in haste.
But it is a shame you lovely dame, you shared not this foretaste.

I tip my drink and give a wink, then turn to walk away.
Excuse me sir, don't go now, unfinished what we play.
What we play think not, me thinks we banter bit to long.
Come dear girl and dance with me, I'll ply you with a song.

Her arms do rest as angel wings, place her head upon my chest.
Her body sways in all right ways, and to mine does not protest.
Brush the hair back form her ear, place my lips and whisper low.
It seems we've gotten to this place, now from here where do we go.

A gentle hand does turn my head, to a look of promised bliss.
I place my lips to hers, share a deep long impassioned kiss
The song does fade and music stops, but we're still on the floor.
She takes my hand, leads me off, says that kiss has promised more.

We gather up walk off arm in arm, step so softly into the night.
For looks exchanged in a wonder way, may grant us sweet delight.
As with any journey started, when the destination is not known.
We will simply take it step by step, and most happily not alone.

By panther811

© 2017 panther811 (All rights reserved)


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