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Paying Penance

Did I hear you say you love me
with those lips that now hide your sneer?
Did I hear the word eternity,
while your escape route was forever clear?

Did I believe the words you spoke in our bed
as we lay in each other's arms?
Did my ears hear just what I wanted instead
as I was taken in by your charms?

Was I too blind to see the show was an act
that you'd rehearsed 'til you had it down pat?
Your saccharine dialog was never based in fact,
you knew I was a real sucker for that.

What did you gain from destroying my heart,
successfully crushing my will to believe?
Were you cast by Satan to revel in your part,
run your lines and then take your leave?

Knowing the answers to these queries should ease
the flow of pain that's infesting my breast.
Your cold, cold heart turned away from my pleas,
you drained my pride as you sucked out the rest.

Go now, don't look back as you strut on your way.
You've taken so much, but the structure is strong.
It'll take some time, with some penance to pay,
I must believe not every love in life can be wrong.

The scars of your carnage will serve me quite well,
they'll prop up my courage to make a new start.
Lessons learned, I'll know real love from a spell,
the words unspoken are what break a heart.

Submitted for the No Frills challenge

By AlwaysMyWords

© 2015 AlwaysMyWords (All rights reserved)


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