forgotten dreams...
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second life's birthday present...
5th of August 2009, when discharged
from USC Hospital, 'CANCER FREE'


the horned crescent moon reflects its sleepy eyes in fragments
restless wind wanting to sway with the great Max Spodek's music
twined tendrils climbed in measured rotation to bind memories
clothed the emerald skies with the rainbow, suspended above the clouds
gentle meaning of folded bows aware of deep dire consequences
as the waning light of day is consumed by the voracious darkness

molded monogram in a ceremonial plate sparkled in darkness
its shattered pieces, scattered in indelible and tiny fragments
a puzzle pieced together with patience of numbed consequences
consuming time, tarrying lulled minds to refrain with relaxing music
perfumed herbs soothe the weary soul, laid in the canopied clouds
imagined are ribbon boughs 'pon foliaged lattices of memories

time like an ever rolling stream, bears all lives away in memories
at the end of day, they fly forgotten in dreams, banished in darkness
valleys draped with lush wheat nurtured by the looming cloud
meek and humble heart, its goodness and love ne'er fragmented
take up the yoke of hope, lean on big shoulder, listen to the music
as the beams of morning new, pierce the chasm of dire consequences

together, braved the storm, heads held high, ne'er think of consequences
wick may flickers and dies, but never troubled, let 'em live in memory
raised high in thin air, as the choir gasped with every note of life's music
the maestro kept his tempo in check with the taps of his feet in the dark
the sopranos harrowing shriek shattered the fragile crystals to fragments
while the tenors, altos, basses vibrato voices blended in patches of clouds

existence lonely realms resonated with profound bliss, visage in the clouds
your passionate compassion will indeed make me endure consequence
and dreams are forgotten strewn with the heap of shattered fragments
yesterday's sentimental moments in time will forever lived in memory
seasons change, events in life aren't constant, the world may grew dark
with motivation, core is solid, dance with the measured tempo of music

mist saturated immobile atmosphere as echoes reverberated with music
the ineffectual glow shrank pitifully with the shadows of the passing clouds
the purple hues of twilight gave glimmering light to the unquenchable dark
bravely journeyed with firm resolve 'tho knowing the pain of consequence
taintless body and mind with positive impulses, kept and sustained memory
the will to live where dreams are forgotten is pure desire 'tho fragmented

infinite gifts of virtuous, fragmented mind rose in self enshrined memory
forgotten dreams like the fleeting cloud banished in the bosom of the dark
intact are hope, faith, love and memories, mark, set, let go of the music

Me ke aloha!

By XRifles

© 2015 XRifles (All rights reserved)


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