blissful friendship...
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' Be slow to fall into friendship, but when you are in, continue firm and constant.' Socrates

Key Words ~ waterfall, rainbow, friendship, broken, shackle and stainless are
contributed from a dear friend, Lady Rose Marie Streeter, a great poetess, whose
beautiful poetries hung, on the walls of the Starlite Café


in deafening silence the thin fingers probe, likened to a tongue of a waterfall
with tranquil spirit that slumbers beneath the arches of the evening rainbow
with the mingling lineage of time, developed, a rare and long lasting friendship
of ponderous linked steel chain, bonded strong and solid, never to be broken
even piercing beam of blank stares of a envious eyes can not shake shackles
desolate are memories with vague importance, as his heart dipped stainless

restless wheels of flashing spokes spun errantly, unblemished and stainless
into muddy streams that meanders in oxbow patterns stopped by a waterfall
it influenced the mood of compassion, let man roams free of guilt or shackles
let his life springs to constancy and adore the banded bandana of the rainbow
as he battle vigorously through the gradual path of threatening vow, unbroken
to have his memories molded with your image and etched a true friendship

confidence gained to maintain status quo to possess naked power of friendship
his gloom, dreariness, sadness and pain banished to the azure skies stainless
his eternal hope in this world where individual's common sense been broken
strengthen rays that radiate its crooked sight drop straight as the waterfall
adorn with silken golden hues of pragmatic luminous reflection of the rainbow
let light penetrates the fibrous prism strands, unlock the omnipotent shackles

to live in paradox, bigotry, discrimination and exceptionalism which are shackles
these are litmus tests of the realization of the growth that nurture endless friendship
trust, honesty, loyalty, are useful stimuli, colored in different hues like the rainbow
fearless of finite expectancy, threat and changes, image outshined to be stainless
dilemma of doubts, unsettling feeling and preserving values intact, not to be broken
twirled evenly to an ivory spooled cotton, pirouettes continuously like a waterfall

those who believe in themselves can freely let go of their emotions like waterfalls
realization of impossible tasks can be accomplished, no interference to be shackled
written rules, laws, promises, vows, covenants although blissful can be broken
key to long lasting bond is the ability to become and maintain unique friendship
be strong to the ill wind that will try to alter and taint the beauty of the rainbow
character can be important factor to keep a clear conscience besides stainless

plain of silent tranquility shakes the hollow, false stereotype, remain stainless
powdered and refreshing mist danced on the midst of the silky misted waterfall
living thoughts of impossible dreams, as a serene and smiling living full rainbow
roused by wondrous moments in time, joy, exultation breaks chain of shackles
between chasms in life, and will it be forever? haunted by envy, can it be broken?
come hail or high water, intense pensiveness put aside, endless is our friendship

love's petal blooms on the stainless scaffolds of our hearts, ne'er to be broken
the fadeless hues of the rainbow, a blissful covenant, manifest our friendship
chains of transient shackle loosen hung lifeless from the strands of the rainbow


By XRifles

© 2015 XRifles (All rights reserved)


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