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Ferreting Out the Messages

They stepped out of their
colorful boxes,
one by one they came
into view.

The riddles, conundrums
and paradoxes
lined up, each professing
to be true.

Listen closely; don't dare
miss a clue,
for answers are hidden
in their speak.

Dodge red herrings, there's more
than a few,
or you'll never find what
you seek.

Their nattering delivery, of
mysterious birth,
holds gems of wisdom in
their midst.

They hold out on you with
insipid mirth,
must comb thoroughly to
get the gist.

Such are the vagaries of
actually living
with untold tales milling
all around.

Deciphering veiled hints
they may be giving
reveals a map to where
you're bound.

Open wide the closure that is
your mind,
let the messages seep into
gray matter.

It could be quite revealing,
you may find
you finally understand the
Mad Hatter.

Submitted for the No Frills challenge

By AlwaysMyWords

© 2015 AlwaysMyWords (All rights reserved)


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