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Waterfall of the heart
Waterfalls of the heart, now where do I start?
In the smallest trickle of a tear perhaps?
Moving slowly, not too large !!

In the beating of a heart, the engine starts.
Faster and faster, maybe at some time the rapids to master?
Down stream, swift eddies flow, making the whole being glow.

Gushing forth the waterfall of the heart is forged.
Running ever quicker, hope you do not have a dodgy ticker.
As it floods, spiralling ever downwards, the energy ebbs away.

yet we cycle on everyday.
Not knowing when the final tranquillity will come our way.
In the pool of ever lasting life we end.

By DavidRankinLymn

© 2017 DavidRankinLymn (All rights reserved)


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