Sweet Harmony
Sweet Harmony


Love is endless, ageless, it has no true beginning or end
Carried along on a gentle breeze,
Drifting silent, like a feather on the wind

It is compromise, compassion, and mutual respect,
It is memories shared in time,
as two hearts look back and reflect

Love knows no boundaries, it cannot see beyond its host
It can reach into the darkest of souls,
touch it like a ghost

Love is the flame, a dance of perfect harmony, like a candle and its wick
And it is the love which bonds two hearts,
Like mortar to a brick

Love is like the ocean, vast, deep, cold, warm and mysterious
And yet it can turn grown men into little boys,
leaving them weak,
Stuttering & Delirious

Love is the reason your heart often begins to race, and your breath slips
Effortlessly away…
And it is the reason you drop down to one knee,
Take her hand, and ask her,
“Forever stay”

Love is merely the compass, guiding hearts that cannot see
Bringing each together…in unison
Love’s sweet Harmony

~~ Steve ~~

Written for: Anything Goes Challenge
Hosted by: Ompapa

Midi: Because you Loved Me
By: Celine Dion

By Poison_9901

© 2017 Poison_9901 (All rights reserved)


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