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Cutting grass after dark in the rain
The rain was coming down as I started my task
I asked the Lord to keep me dry, I did ask
In the rain, after darkness fell, my headlights on
It was quite cool, but felt the fool, soaked to the bone
Still cutting grass, ringing sound, my wife on the phone
She said get inside, before you get sick and die
I said it feels so good, I think I'll stay outside
The thunder rolled, the lightning flashed, my day was through
Do I just leave the mower here, it was brand new
Driving to the barn the sky ablaze my mind crazed
The lightning struck, I was lit up, and I was dazed
I got it up, and I did run to get my rear inside
A lucky man, I felt so weak, my brain was fried
When your wife says get inside, do so very fast
You will find, no peace of mind, you may breath your last
This foolish poem that you just read simply a lie
I try so hard to fool someone, I really try
Embellishment is great when you can fool someone
Better yet when you simply speak of no wrong

By olderandbolder

© 2017 olderandbolder (All rights reserved)


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