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not green bottles


hiding in the bushes, ten cute deer
sees mommy coming
they suddenly appear

baby seals, snuggle with delight
as they bathe in the suns warm light


Baby pigs, grazing n the fields
looking for their dinner
everything so appealing


monkeys flattered, as pictures are taken at the zoo
they love to pose for the crowd
smiles huge, just what monkeys do


Quokkas so sweet but yet salty
two sides they have, if you were to meet.


amazing hippos, funny face, yet full of grace
as they take their swim, following mamas pace


zebras kick and play each day
each birth is for all creatures to celebrate

squirrels chasing nuts all day
hiding them for winter meal

baby kola bears, tiny adventures, attire so fuzzy
they wear the color of white underbelly


Little baby bunny, sleepy little fellow
falls asleep on his back side
his deposition so mellow

Not green bottles

Host ...Cherry

By girlsisy

© 2015 girlsisy (All rights reserved)


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