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The Inside Guy


The stakes were higher than he'd bargained for.
The game had taken a serious turn.
He'd given so much yet they wanted even more.
In the middle of this mess he'll learn.

These are sordid people he's fallen in among,
nogoodnics everywhere he looks.
It is good that he learns these lessons young,
while keeping scrupulous books.

Cheating and lying are the hallmarks of this bunch
it's how they line nefarious pockets.
Those who'd not learned lessons, well I've a hunch,
are named on multiple court dockets.

His mind was too sharp to let anything slide on by
Though young he could easily tell,
if what you've chosen for your path is a life of crime
you can't practice from inside a cell.

He took an oath, by the grace of God he'd produce
while the bubbly was still under cork.
Ladies and Gentlemen it's my proud duty to introduce
the most junior Senator from New York.

Submitted for Big Al's Organized Crime challenge

By AlwaysMyWords

© 2015 AlwaysMyWords (All rights reserved)


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