Pause For A Moment


Please before you call woman foul names because of their actions
Stop for a moment and asked them their story.
Have you even thought about their situations?
What they've been through?
Have you even considered what may have happened to them?

I'm going to speak on a very touchy and controversial subject
that most are against, but I will speak for those who are too afraid.
Everyone has a story but like always we open our big mouths and
give our opinions without asking what brought them to this decision,
myself included...

I'm going to speak out on abortions.......

I know that it is written thou shalt not kill....I fully understand this!
With that being said I also understand that most of these pregnancies
can be prevented


What I want to know is how can we criticize those that have been raped?
Yes there's an innocent child involved but what about the victim that has
to deal with this tragic nightmare for the rest of their life? We don't think
in terms of that or how do you explain to this child with no faults of their
own except that he or she was conceived by a rapist, that they weren't
wanted? How does this woman look at this child and not have some kind
of hatred not because of the child but because of how that child became.

I know all too well what a woman goes through being raped and there
are reminders of it every day even without ending up pregnant. One
thing I could tell you is if it was me ending up pregnant I would have
to think long and hard on what my decision would be because either
way the physical, emotional, and verbal abuse would be horrid, although
what if one went through with the pregnancy and took their frustrations
out on this child?

This child would not deserve the abuse. The mother didn't deserve the
abuse she went through. So what can be done, who is right on deciding
a fate of an unborn child or the fate of a mothers physical and emotional
state....either way there will be pain that will last a lifetime.

A child should never be asked ' why are you here', or ever hear, you
aren't wanted.

There are too many innocent children being abused and even killed.
So I ask you, if you were to be in this situation what would you do?

Private Challenge
Host: Al

By TinyTeddy

© 2018 TinyTeddy (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - Babies right to live. (challenge has been closed)

This Poem is part of a Challenge: - Babies right to live. (challenge has been closed)

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