There's No Greater Joy!
There is such glory in writing for my Lord!
I can still remember the first time I'd tried!
The words simply rose up from my heart
on into my head, down thru my arm
straight to the pen in my hand!

Before I tried, I asked myself, who am I to
write for Him, what if I say the wrong
things? I soon found if your heart's
in the right place, He guides your
pen, the words flow like wine!

With a heavy heart, I write today
about all the senseless shootings
across my country, so so sad!
And I say to all the victims'
families and friends, 'no
words can express my
sorrow!', but I'll try!

Do not let anger consume or overwwhelm you
Weep not for me for I am with my Lord now!
Celebrate my earthly life but do not dwell
Pray for the soul who took it away though
Let all his tortured thoughts be quelled
I hold him no malice for he didn't know me
But, know I love you and will miss you so!


Al's 'What Greater Joy' Challenge

By Adele Kaye

© 2018 Adele Kaye (All rights reserved)


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