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The Wonder of You
At first I thought you were just being nice
To make a good impression on a first date.
'Her true self needs time to break the ice,'
I thought as we talked until it was late.

I saw you again, but you were still the same—
Uncommonly gracious, loving, kindly spoken.
'She’s not being real, playing the same game.'
I was quite certain I was seeing only a token.

But additional encounters proved me wrong.
You were as fetching and fabulous as before.
'This lady is a treasure; she sings a true song.'
Hence, fond feelings for you I couldn’t ignore.

I worried if I were worthy to seek your hand.
You had character smiles out of my reach.
'Face it, fool, for you she’s simply too grand.'
I saw myself as a crabapple, you as a peach.

But there came a day when I had to do it
Lest another suitor claim you as his bride.
'Have I the courage, the charm and the wit?'
Perhaps not, but I must know that I tried.

Decades have passed with you as my Sweet.
It may seem impossible, but I pledge it’s true.
'She continues to take me off my feet.'
And that, my love, is the wonder of you.

Copyright © 2015 Paul Schneiter

By poetryaa3

© 2018 poetryaa3 (All rights reserved)


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