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A Pier, the Moon and Thou


Remember us dancing amongst the stanchions
paying homage to each other and the moon.
On this day we were whispering our passions
as a dream escapes, we'd be recapturing soon.

The moonlight sparkled so in your adoring eyes.
Your heartbeat was in lockstep with mine.
Music we danced to blended in with your sighs,
that night a word ignites new love, so divine.

I kissed you and your stamp was left on my heart,
deposited, as a seed to germinate over time.
Emotion and belief will surely pull our loving cart
as a page turns on our ever blossoming climb.

Each time I pour over this photograph I still melt,
knowing little promises we made in night air.
The surge of salt sprayed love that we both felt
left wafting images time will witness and share.

Submitted for the Multi Phrase challenge

'a dream escapes'

'a vision inspires'

'a word ignites'

'a page turns'

By AlwaysMyWords

© 2015 AlwaysMyWords (All rights reserved)


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